Food delivery has been a huge help for those that are hungry but are too lazy to put on clothes and get in their car. However, with the coronavirus quickly spreading, many people not only don't want to go out in public, but they're also afraid of having any contact with others.

Well fear not, food delivery platform Postmates has taken the extra step by creating its new feature for those that want to hide in bunkers until the coronavirus outbreak discontinues. The new“non-contact” delivery feature on the app is an initiative to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Now when users input a drop-off option they have the opportunity to have their food delivered in three different ways. According to The Verge, Postmates issued a statement saying that "Customers can choose to meet their Postmate at the door, as they have before, meet curbside, or go non-contact and have deliveries left at the door.”

With an additional effort to keep the coronavirus at bay, the delivery company is also asking delivery workers to wear masks too.

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