Come on could be the next contestant when The Price Is Right Live Stage Show comes to Harrah's in Atlantic City from April 12-14, 2019.  The Price Is Right Live is based on the popular game show that has aired on CBS-TV since 1972.

The stage show's Facebook page says it was launched in 2002.  Just like on TV, contestants on the stage version can win cash and prizes.  Harrah's website says "Prizes may include appliances, vacations and possibly a new car!"  It also says contestants cam "play classic games just like on television's longest running and most popular game show…from Plinko™ to Cliffhangers™ to The Big Wheel™ and even the fabulous Showcase."

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Tickets for the four AC shows will go on sale to the public on Friday and prices range from $99-$150.  (There are several presales happening now.  Click here for more info).  Reviews of the show on are mixed from posts like "Price is Right Live was a lot of fun" and "Price is Right Show was a great outing." to "Cheesy and Clownish" and "Price is right live is a joke."

It's also important to note that buying a ticket to the show does not guarantee that you'll get to play.  Also, according to the show's website, "By law, everyone who shows up and wants to register must be allowed to do so and have equal opportunity to be called down to be a contestant."  If you'd like to be a contestant, you should definitely check out this page.

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