I think we can all agree that we miss the way life used to be. The days when we didn't need to wear a mask wherever we went, we weren't putting on hand sanitizer every five seconds, and we could see our loved ones whenever we wanted to. We used to be able to eat inside a restaurant and we used to be able to see our favorite artists perform in sold out concerts. Now due to the coronavirus pandemic, all that has changed and I feel like  we are all longing for some normalcy. Some things I am okay with not doing, but I definitely miss a lot and I definitely miss concerts. The other day a Facebook memory came up of me and my girls tailgating before a concert and gosh I miss it. Back in August, we found out that the U.K. held a social distancing concert with personalized pods for people and I had said I hoped the trend comes to the U.S., and I think I got my wish.

NJ.com reports, Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City just held a concert with social distanced pods that each fit two people. The concert held last weekend kicked off the Bayside Rock Live concert series which will continue through October with many tribute bands in the line-up. All concertgoers were sat in socially distant seating areas with little gates around them. There was only seating for 460 people and it was all outdoors, which is nice because the risk of contracting coronavirus increases with indoor crowds. I love it. It's like they had their own little area to enjoy the concert and dance if they wanted to. This looks like a lot of fun to attend to hold onto the last few weeks of good weather in New Jersey.

For more info check out this article on NJ.com or check out Harrah's website.

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