We have to take a second to congratulate Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, a Princeton University Alumni, after winning an Oscar for the documentary 'Free Solo'. Vasarhelyi and her husband, Jimmy Chin, created a film that won Best Documentary Feature during the 91st Academy Awards.

Directing 'Free Solo' was no easy task since they were taking on big mountains, literally. The film was based on Alex Honnold's bravery with mounatin climbing. SeattleTimes.com reported that in 2017 Honnold climbed the El Capitan Rock in Yosemite National Park, but it wasn't your ordinary climb. This was without any ropes.

Vasarhelyi and Chin had many tasks while directing 'Free Solo'. One of the biggest was to stay away from Alex Honnold and not interfere with his climbing.

During the acceptance speech Vasarhelyi had a very special message, thanking National Geographic. "For believing in us and for hiring women and people of color because we only help make the films better."

Congrats to the couple. If you haven't seen the Oscar winning film you might want to check it out.

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