Earlier this week, we told you how & where you could see all of the film's nominated for this year's Best Picture Oscar.  A few of the films were only available to watch online or on dvd, but if you want to see 9 of the 10 movies on the big screen, there's a way to do that.

Each year, AMC does a Best Picture Showcase.  The two Saturday's before the Academy Awards are handed out, select AMC theaters give customers a chance to purchase tickets to see each nominated film.  This year's event is happening on Feb. 16th and Feb. 23rd at AMC Hamilton 24, AMC Neshaminy 24, AMC Cherry Hill 24, and several other locations.

Day One (Feb. 16) films include The Favourite, Blackkklansman, and Bohemian Rhapsody.  Day Two (Feb. 23) will feature Vice, Black Panther, A Star is Born and Green Book.  AMC does note that "Best Picture Showcase features nominated films that played at AMC during their theatrical run," which is why the Netflix film, Roma, is not part of the event.

Getty Images for Warner Bros
Getty Images for Warner Bros

Select AMC locations will also be offering a 24-hour marathon, where you can see the 7 films mentioned above, all in one sitting.  For more information and tickets for the Best Picture Showcase and the 24-hour marathon, click here.

The Regal Cinemas in Moorestown and North Brunswick will be doing their own "2019 Best Picture Film Festival" between Feb. 15-24.  Click here for more info.

The Oscars will be handed out on Sun., Feb. 24th.

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