This Princeton ice cream shop topped the Thrillest list for 'Best Ice Cream Shops in America.'

According to the list, local ice cream shop 'The Bent Spoon' in Princeton is one of the best around.

It has you covered when it comes to fulfilling your sweet tooth.

This shop offers a 550 flavors including traditional or more modern ones. One delicacy you can find at The Bent Spoon is called the Sun Golden Tomato sorbet which can have chocolate, fruit, pumpkin, or mushrooms. It may not sound appealing but add one of their famous cookies with it, and it'll make your summer much more sweeter.


Another shop that made the list in the area is 'Franklin Fountain,' located in Philadelphia. This renovated  shop does wonders with ice cream. Some of their own creations include honeycomb ice cream, and a local favorite teaberry gum. Match these flavors with homemade hot fudge, or on a sundae.

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