It's the time of year where I we find people doing more good deeds than usual. Good deeds need to be recognized. Now that I am right months pregnant, everything makes me cry. When my faith in humanity is restored, yup, I am going to cry. A Princeton Police Officer has given me my daily cry for today.

According to The Patch, Princeton Patrolman Chris Donnelly has been dressing up as a superhero for the past few years and visits children's hospitals just to put some smiles on their faces.

Not sure if he contacted Let's Be Heroes NJ or if they contacted him, but he is now partnered with them and not only does he wear his superhero costumes in the hospitals, but they are also collecting toys for the kids in the hospitals as well. Kudos to Patrolman Chris Donnelly for putting smiles on the faces of kids  at various children's hospitals.

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