So many people have been going on runs wearing some sort of mask to play it safe during these tough times with the coronavirus. We've heard from runners that it is annoying having to run with a mask on. asked some professional runners what they recommended and if it is ok to run without a face mask. Most of the professional runners quickly said that of course everyone running in the city of Philadelphia should be running with a mask on. One professional runner told, "Runners should be wearing masks (and literally anyone that considers themselves a human on earth)."

According to the professional runners that spoke to Philly Mag, some of the face masks that they recommend to runners are neck gaiters and Buffs.

Many runners actually told that they also recommend wearing a lightweight piece that covers your face from random people's sneezes and coughs. It was also mentioned that DIY facemasks can be good for you while you are on runs. On it was also stated that some professional runners say that these masks are good for all year round not just during this pandemic. A professional runner told, "Well worth the investment, especially in winter."

If you are trying to go on a run but don't want to spend so much money on these expensive face masks runners recommend, go on YouTube and just making yourself a mask by following one of those tutorial videos.

If you live in an area where you know you can go on a run or a walk and not run into other humans at the moment you don't have to wear a mask, but it is recommended. We all have to make sure we remain healthy and coronavirus free.

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