Macy's has announced that it's once again making moves to save the lagging department store. It's letting go of more employees and closing five more stores, according to CNBC.

Is the Quaker Bridge Mall Macy's on the chopping block? Keep reading.

Macy's Quaker Bridge Mall

Macy's is laying off 3.5% of its employees

The article says Macy's has already informed 3.5% of its employees that they're losing their jobs. That's over 2,300 people about to be unemployed in Macy's corporate office to stores. I hate to hear that.

A spokesperson for Macy's, Chris Grams, says the goal is to cut costs to make up for low sales. "As we prepare to deploy a new strategy to meet the needs of an everchanging consumer and marketplace, we made the difficult decision to reduce our workforce by 3.5% to become a more streamlined company."

Woman shopping for dress

As one of the original department stores, they need a new strategy to compete with online shopping giants like Amazon.

5 Macy's stores are closing permanently

I was nervous when I saw 5 Macy's stores are closing, crossing my fingers that the Quaker Bridge Mall location was safe.

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Macy's in Quaker Bridge Mall is NOT closing

Thank goodness, it is safe. The Quaker Bridge Mall Macy's is NOT CLOSING. Phew.

With Lord & Taylor gone from that mall, we need Macy's to stay.

close up of a 'CLOSED' sign hanging in a window

Here are the five Macy's locations that are closing across the country:

Arlington, Virgina

San Leandro, California

Lihue, Hawaii

Simi California

Tallahassee, Florida.

Macys Tallahassee

These stores will be shuttering in early 2024, the article says.

Another one of Macy's new strategies over the next two years is to open smaller stores in strip malls, where many people have been shopping nowadays. Convenience is the name of the game it seems. I know I love it when everything I need is in the same shopping center as my grocery store. The fewer stops the better.

If any pop up in the area, I'll let you know.

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