When the holidays come I know all I do it is eat and eat and then east some more. It's bad and delicious all at the same time. My sweet tooth is my downfall. I like seasonal candies and desserts. I can't stop eating minty candies because, to me, mint is the pumpkin of the Christmas season. So I have to mention that I was shocked and surprised to the list of the "The Absolute WORST Christmas Candy, Ranked" from CandyStore.com.

Let's begin the countdown of what came in as the worst of the worst:

#10 Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix - it looks great in candy bowl, but it looks outdated

#9 Ribbon Candy - it's more festive and for display than eating

#8 Candy Canes – Non-Peppermint - I've had Starburst candy canes

#7 White Peppermint M&Ms

#6 Lifesavers Story Books - these actually look cool. It's a whole pack of different flavored Lifesavers

#5 Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials - I will agree that these are nasty

#4 Peppermint Bark - this should not be on the list at all! I really like peppermint bark.

#3 Peeps - I associate them with Easter more than Christmas but they do make them for other holidays.

#2 Reindeer Corn - to me this looks like the Christmas version of candy corn that you'd see on Halloween except the color are red, white and green.

#1 Christmas Tree Nougat - these look fun. I haven't tried them, but by the looks of it they don't look tasty. But I shouldn't knock it before I've tried it.
Worst Christmas CandySource: CandyStore.com

As a bonus, they listed a #11 and it's Peppermint Candy Canes. How could they do that to what seems like the official candy of Christmas?!

To read more about this list go here

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