When the holidays come I know all I do it is eat and eat and then east some more. It's bad and delicious all at the same time. My sweet tooth is my downfall. I like seasonal candies and desserts. I can't stop eating minty candies because, to me, mint is the pumpkin of the Christmas season. So I have to mention that I was shocked and surprised to the list of the "The Absolute WORST Christmas Candy, Ranked" from CandyStore.com.

Worst Christmas CandySource: CandyStore.com

Let's begin the countdown of what came in as the worst of the worst:

#10 Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix - it looks great in candy bowl, but it looks outdated

#9 Ribbon Candy - it's more festive and for display than eating

#8 Candy Canes – Non-Peppermint - I've had Starburst candy canes

#7 White Peppermint M&Ms

#6 Lifesavers Story Books - these actually look cool. It's a whole pack of different flavored Lifesavers

#5 Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials - I will agree that these are nasty

#4 Peppermint Bark - this should not be on the list at all! I really like peppermint bark.

#3 Peeps - I associate them with Easter more than Christmas but they do make them for other holidays.

#2 Reindeer Corn - to me this looks like the Christmas version of candy corn that you'd see on Halloween except the color are red, white and green.

#1 Christmas Tree Nougat - these look fun. I haven't tried them, but by the looks of it they don't look tasty. But I shouldn't knock it before I've tried it.
Worst Christmas CandySource: CandyStore.com

As a bonus, they listed a #11 and it's Peppermint Candy Canes. How could they do that to what seems like the official candy of Christmas?!

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