Central Jersey and the Philadelphia suburbs are now failing when it comes to following social distancing guidelines, a new report says.

The data analysis from Unacast, which uses data from cell phones to create a Social Distancing Scoreboard. Unacast compares the cellphone data to show how much we are traveling now when compared to before pandemic.

So how bad is the scorecard? Well, if you felt like your friends and relatives were traveling a little too much this week, you're probably not wrong.

Philadelphia's letter grade for social distancing compliance tumbled from a "B" letter grade on May 3rd to a "D-" right now. Just a week ago it was at least at "C" letter grade.

As recently as April 26 Mercer County had a B grade, but since May 12 that has gone into failing territory. It's a similar trajectory for Burlington County and the rest of the area, honestly.

Simply put -- we're getting more mobile, and in some ways that makes sense. More public parks and areas for recreation are open. However, in the spirit of social distancing, it's unlikely that everyone was racing miles down the roads to the beach this week.

Unacast reports a 25-40% reduction in average mobility (based on distance traveled), and a 55-60% reduction in non-essential visits, as of May 18, for New Jersey.

The state Pennsylvania is actually fairing worse, and has an "F" letter grade from the site, as of May 18.

It's estimated that there is a less than a 25% reduction in average mobility, and less than a 55% reduction in non-essential visits.

As for specific county breakdowns (as of May 28):

    • Bucks County - F grade
    • Philadelphia - D+ grade
    • Burlington County - F grade
    • Mercer County - D- grade

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