Whoa...I've got your dessert plans made, or are you one of those people who dip your french fries into your frosty? Who doesn't love a smooth, Wendy's Frosty? My fav, chocolate. There's nothing like it! Wendy's describes it as a combo of a milkshake and sift serve. Yum! No matter what flavor you like, Chocolate or Vanilla, you better get there now, because small frosty's are only 50 cents right now! Yup!  For a limited time (not sure when it's going to end), you can grab a small frosty using the spare change in your car! Love it! Get 2, 3 , or 4...bring it home and stick it in the freezer for your next Frosty craving, because there's no limit to how many you order, they just have to be the small size, according to Delish. See you there!

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