If you asked us a few years ago if we thought Rutgers, or any college for that matter, would be allowing students to apply to the university without having to take SAT or ACT we would say no right away. This whole pandemic has changed so many things in the world and this is actually one of them.

According to NJ.com, Rutgers University is another school in the Garden State that is not requiring future students to submit their SAT or ACT score in order to be able to attend the school. This change will benefit the students that are looking to applying in 2021.

We also learned from NJ.com that the students that would still like to submit the SAT or ACT scores are more than welcome to still do so. This has all become optional for future students because of the pandemic.

From what the chancellor of Rutgers New Brunswick, Christopher Molloy, told NJ.com, it seems like that option to turn in SAT or ACT scores will just be temporary. Molloy told NJ.com, "Our adoption of this temporary, test-optional policy will ensure full consideration for qualified students whose ability to take the SAT or ACT is being disrupted by this global pandemic.”

The College of New Jersey was the other school in New Jersey that is not requiring students to submit their SAT or ACT scores to be able to attend the college.

Do you think many schools will adopt this option and just keep it for good? That would be a great thing for many students but we shall see what the new "normal" will be with schools when things start to settle down.

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