We can all agree that we get tired of the face masks that we have and we want to get new ones. We have to make sure they all go with our outfits because if it's not matching it's not a good thing. In reality, people probably change their mask often more so because of the saliva that gets stuck on the mask causing it to start to smell.

That sounds gross but let's be real, it happens.

The good thing is that there are some scented face masks out there now. According to Eonline, if you don't want to get a whiff of your bad breath you can now get scented face masks. Some of these face masks smell like fresh mint. If you want to make it even better you can find some face masks that have a cotton candy smell.

We learned on Eonline that these scented face masks can be found on Amazon or at Walmart.

Now we know there are those people that have some fancy face masks with fancy designs that they never want to get rid of. We can’t blame them for taking care of those face masks because they are probably a little more expensive. It was stated on Eonline that you can have those fancy face masks smelling good also.

You have the option to spray your face masks with face mask refreshing spray. Then, you can keep your fancy mask without having to smell your coffee breath. If you want to make it easier you can just slap on a scented face mask sticker and have your mask smelling good.

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