From Monday November 16th through Thursday November 19th, the Pennsylvania State Police Liquor Control Enforcement visited around 600 licensed liquor establishments to make sure people were following the rules. You know, wearing a mask, social distancing, doing the things that should be obvious by now. But it seems like they aren’t, they issued 11 violations and 37 warnings for people not following the new requirements, according to Shore News Network.

In New York and Los Angeles, parties are being reported with up to 400 attendants and they are being shut down, some are even getting arrested. And Jersey readers, don’t think you are getting off safe either, while there is no official big violation of guidelines happening recently in the Garden State, we all know what’s really happening.

Humans are naturally social creatures; we get joy out of seeing our friends and going to big get togethers. And we are currently living in this weird, almost dystopian time where we are not allowed to do this. This could have ended earlier, had everyone been doing all they could to be safe instantly, things could have been more controlled, and we wouldn’t have to be in our, as of now, second spike in this virus.

According to ABC7 News, a lot of people are renting out warehouses and are falsely booking them as "video shoots." Another tactic people are using to get away with these secret parties are planning them on social media, and not sending out the location address until a few hours before.

There are many vaccines being developed, so I am asking you, to for the next few months, just stay safe. You don’t have to become a shut in, just keep your circle small. Don’t go to bars, don’t go to parties, order your food in or to go. Just please stay safe, and be a good example, so when this ends, everything we want to do feels even more satisfying, and not death defying.


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