On Sunday, Shanghai Disneyland locked over 30,000 guests inside the park after a Saturday attendee either later tested positive for Covid-19 or came in contact with someone who had it. For hours, Chinese government officials kept visitors within the confines of the park while testing every single individual for coronavirus.

Every guest was required to test negative before exiting the park. According to the AP, “all 33,863 people who had been at the park” tested negative. Now, the park is scheduled to remain closed on both Monday and Tuesday. In a statement released to Wall Street Journal, Shanghai Disneyland “would refund tickets and notify guests as soon as there was a confirmed date for resumption of activities.”

The Disney Parks took a serious hit during the coronavirus pandemic, and only now are they beginning to recoup their losses. However, the struggles in China are far from over. According to Deadline, incoming visitors to China must quarantine for three weeks upon arrival. Those in a hospital must stay for an additional two weeks after recovery. Ships must be held at port until every crew member has a negative covid test.

China is following a “zero Covid” measure that aims to eliminate every single case of coronavirus in the country of over a billion people. Just 48 cases were reported last Saturday, compared to the recorded 6,000 cases in the state of California, home of the original Disneyland park.

Meanwhile, Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida have continued to increase capacity in their parks. Both parks require face coverings for all guests ages 2 and up in indoor areas, while masks remain optional in outdoor areas.

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