By order of the Governor in the beginning of April, if you were going out to any store, you were required by law to wear a mask or face covering of some sort. Some stores were enforcing this law and some were not, but mostly all New Jerseyans were wearing masks when they left their homes. At first, masks were very hard to come by, but now manufacturers have upped production and there are many people selling homemade masks on Etsy and some people are even sewing them at home. I have two masks and this morning I forgot mine at home, so my wonderful husband brought it to me so I could go to the allergist. So when I run into a problem like this and I have to go grocery shopping, I was happy to hear that Whole Foods will be giving them out to shoppers.

According to, Whole Foods announced that all this week, they will provide masks, if customers don't have one to wear while shopping. No word on whether this will be a permanent policy or not. It would be a great way to keep customers coming into their stores. This is a good way to keep their employees and other shoppers safe.

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