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Many Jersey residents have expressed concerns about the state's full-service gas pumps amid the coronavirus outbreak. So is it time for New Jersey to temporarily allow the self serve option at the gas station, which would allow us to pump our own gas during the coronavirus pandemic?

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Oregon, which is the only other state in the country that doesn't allow self-serve gasoline, has temporarily lifted the state's ban on self-serve gasoline. Gas stations will be able to use their own discretion if customers should be able to fill up their own gas tanks. This measure is in effect through at least April 11 in Oregon.

By the way, New Jersey's governor, Phil Murphy, addressed this topic on Twitter earlier today (Monday) to say that New Jersey will not allow self-serve gas right now.

"We have no plans to turn our gas stations into self-serve at this time," he wrote. "Please DO NOT pump your own gas."

Arguments can be made for both forms of gasoline service at this time, of course. Some have argued that it's unsafe for the employees at the gas station to be interacting with costumers and to be accepting their payments. And, therefore, it is also dangerous for the customer.

However, others have argued that with proper sanitization (lysol wipes and more) that self-serve gasoline could be a safer alternative during this unprecedented time.

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