Do you remember what it is like to go on a dinner date? I will personally say, I forget what it is like. Feels like I haven't gone on one of those in a very long time. Ocean Resort in Atlantic City is trying to change that for you.

According to, Ocean Resort is trying to have you go on a dinner date but take it to a completely different level. The Atlantic City casino is now offering everyone the chance to enjoy a dinner on the 11th floor. The name of the restaurant says a lot, Sky Garden Grille. So you know you will be pretty high and perhaps enjoying a nice view.

It was mentioned on that the Sky Garden Grille is the very first outdoor dining experience that Ocean Resort ever offers. If you ever go to the Sky Garden Grille you will probably say that you have been there before and maybe you have. mentioned that the Sky Garden Grille is actually the outdoor area of the HQ Nightclub in Ocean Resort.

We learned that the Sky Garden Grille is one of the very few restaurants open at the casinos since the pandemic has forced the state of New Jersey to keep all indoor dining from happening. The vice president of food and beverage, Vince Turrano, told that it was the best idea that they could come up with since the nightclub is not being used. They might as well make some money by turning it into an a la carte restaurant.

In an Instagram post by Ocean Casino Resort, it was mentioned that the food is cooked on grills outdoors and customers can see and smell the food being cooked while they enjoy a drink at the Sky Garden Grille.

Rooftop dining is always fun so it is good to know that there are still a few things to do in Atlantic City even though everything is extremely strict with guidelines that we all have to follow.

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