Nicole 'Snooki" Polizzi from MTV's popular reality series Jersey Shore was trying to return to her stomping grounds... and no, not to take shots.

In case you didn't know, Nicole has started her own clothing store called The Snooki Shop and the original store is based in Madison.

Well now The Snooki Shop is going on the road in the Snooki Shop Truck and Snooki tried to host an event right here at the Jersey Shore.

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This is kind of surprising because when this story originally surfaced, Borough Administrator, Christopher Vas said, “[The Town] plans to reach out to her Monday (Aug. 3) with the goal of getting to yes.”

But that doesn't mean she is gone for good.

In the tweet announcing the event's cancellation, Snooki does say that she is working on rescheduling the mobile shopping event.....just in another Jersey town.

What do you think? Did Seaside Heights make the right call or is this a missed business opportunity for Seaside?

Take a look at the original article covering this event HERE.

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