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The iconic Jersey Shore reality star Nicole Polizzi Lavalle, otherwise known as Snooki, has just opened her third boutique on the east coast just as of yesterday.

The Snooki Shop is Nicole's business that has been making its way up and down the east coast and expansions are still in the works.


When we got to interview Snooki on Chris and The Crew a few months ago, she was talking about the new location being announced soon, and just as of yesterday, it opened in Seaside Heights, NJ. S

he has other shops that are located in Madison, NJ, and Beacon, NY. It may seem like she's trying to strategically space out her shop locations, but the locations in which she has opened up her shops actually have meaning to her life.

The Madison, NJ location is very close to her family's home in north jersey, the Beacon, NY location is close to her hometown, and the Seaside Heights, NJ location is where she filmed jersey Shore.

I think it's so awesome how she placed all of these shops in locations that are close to her heart! I've been to the Madison location not only to shop around but for a meet and greet and she was the sweetest person ever!

The clothes are also very trendy and from what I've noticed get switched out for the latest styles very frequently.

She also has a website where you can see all of the products in-store and have them shipped. There are a bunch of her own styles and brands available for purchase like her slipper line, and other Snooki merch to get your hands on.


On her online shop, you can also purchase her wine brand "Messy Mawma', but from what I can tell that's only available for purchase online.

The locations of the shops are below and their hours are Sunday- Thursday, 11 am - 5 pm, and Friday-Saturday, 11 am - 7 pm.

Madison, NJ location:

32 Main Street, Madison, Nj, 07940

Beacon, NY location: 

508 Main St., Beacon, NY, 12508

Seaside Heights, NJ Location: 

604 BLVD. Seaside Heights, NJ

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