We were Ready for it, but it turns out that our Wildest Dreams of seeing Taylor Swift at the Philadelphia Eagles NFL game tomorrow night... won't happen after all.

So for at least a week, we've all assumed that Taylor Swift would be in attendance for Monday night's NFL game — the Kansas City Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles — a rematch of last year's Super Bowl.

Fans (us included) were all waiting with bated breath to see what Taylor would do tomorrow night at the game. Would she stick to her Philadelphia roots and wear Eagles green in spite of dating a Kansas City Chiefs player?

Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs
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We'll never know what will happen because Taylor will no longer be in the crowd tomorrow night.

The 33-year-old pop superstar was originally slated to wrap a series of three concerts in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday (November 19), meaning she easily could have made it to Kansas City in time for Monday Night's NFL game.

Unfortunately, that schedule has changed.

Swift postponed Saturday night's (November 18) concert due to the safety threats from extreme heat, and as a result, that concert was rescheduled for Monday Night (November 21).

Will Taylor's Parents Head to Kansas City Without Her?

Now it's unclear if Monday night could mark a public meeting for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's parents, by the way.

Cooper Neill / Randy Shropshire, Getty Images
Cooper Neill / Randy Shropshire, Getty Images

Prior to the tour schedule changes for Taylor, published reports (said the four were all going to attend Monday night's game. It's unclear if Scott and Andrea Swift will still attend the game.

The news that they were planning to attend was first reported by Entertainment Tonight last week  Swift, a native of the Reading, Pa. has referred to Philadelphia as "home" when she tours.

So we were all, of course, hoping that Taylor's family would root for the other Kielce brother, Philadelphia Eagles star, Jason Kielce.

Taylor shouted out Philly as recently as May on the Eras Tour.

"Playing three nights in the stadium I used to see on tv when my dad watched Eagles games every Sunday. The most magical 3 hometown shows a girl could hope for," she wrote on Instagram at the time.

Extreme Heat & Chaos in Brazil Force Taylor Swift to Postpone Concert

The postponement of Saturday night's concert game after a tough few days for Taylor Swift.

Before Friday night's concert, Swift took to social media to announce that a fan, who was in the crowd passed away from a case of heat stroke before the show started.

Most seats are general admission for concerts in Rio, so fans braved the extreme heat for HOURS ahead of the show all weekend leading to extremely dangerous conditions.

In fact, throughout Friday night's concert, Taylor was pointing at fans who needed water and asking her team to deliver water to them.

At times, Taylor paused the show to personally hand bottles of water to fans in the crowd.

"There's people that need water right here, maybe 30, 35, 40 feet back," she said at one point during the set as she pointed to fans on the floor. "So whoever is in charge of giving them that, just make sure that happens. Can I get a signal that you know where they are?"

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