Everything with the coronavirus gets more and more confusing every day. Well, at least to me it does. What are companies sanitizing? What should we be sanitizing as customers? Maybe we should be cautious about every single little thing because it looks like some companies are not sanitizing everything to keep customers safe.

6abc recently reported that Southwest Airlines is reducing the sanitation process that they have been doing. That already sounds very sketchy. I wouldn't want to fly with Southwest Airlines because of that. We learned from 6abc.com that Southwest Airlines will no longer sanitize seat belts and armrests.

It was reported that Southwest Airlines will only sanitize lavatories (restrooms) and tray tables. Good thing that the airline is cleaning the lavatories because those things in an airplane are insanely tiny and every time you are in there you touch every single corner of the lavatory.

According to 6abc.com, even though Southwest Airlines is cutting down on its sanitation process they will continue to practice social distancing by keeping the middle seat open between passengers.

Does it sound a little annoying that they aren't fully helping us stay safe, yes it does. However, the CEO of a yogurt company gave a few tips on how to help yourself while flying and really prevent yourself from getting infected by COVID-19.  According to CNBC.com, here is a list of precautions.

  • Do not check-in using your phone, get a paper ticket.
  • Wipe seatbelts, tray table, seats, and armrest.
  • Try to wear long sleeves and expose as little skin as possible.
  • Change your mask as often as you can, every 4 hours if possible.

In case you are flying soon and it happens to be Southwest Airlines make sure you wipe every spot in and around your seating area.

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