With restrictions starting to ease on businesses opening and normalcy returning, Point Pleasant residents were excited to hear that sport fishing will be back in session.

What is sport fishing? It is a type of fishing that can be competitive and is very popular in the summer, especially in Point Pleasant. According to CBS, Captain Dave Riback said that the impact of the pandemic has “...shut down for 25% of our season so far. I’m out almost $100,000...” Captain Riback has been through hurricanes and storms, but never envisioned anything like this pandemic happening. “The only thing that comes close in terms of work stoppage and loss of revenue is Hurricane Sandy, but with that you had a light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

Captain Riback says that because of social distancing, things will be done differently this season. “We’re trying to social distance...we have this tape mark. This is where you’re supposed to fish, in this area between these two rods, so this is your area...Around the boat, this is the way we have it set up. If you pick this spot, this is your area. You don’t leave this area,” he said.  Captain Riback is also asking everyone to wear a mask so there will be increased safety for the sport.

Regarding the future of this year and the sport, Captain Riback believes that “It’ll be the worst year ever.”


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