If you’re a wine drinker, make sure you check your glass for lanternflies before taking a sip. The word on the street is that during this time of year, lanternflies are taking over local vineyards in New Jersey.


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I was watching the news this morning and there was an entire story on NBC10 about how you can expect to see them ruining your aesthetic Instagram pictures at the winery with your girls this season.


Spotted lanternflies have been taking over New Jersey for the past few years now and it’s been everyone’s mission to come together and kill them all. The longer these insects have been around, the more information we’ve been able to learn about them.

During different parts of the year, lanternflies feed on different crops and trees and NJ.com and other news sites report that during the fall season of the last few years, there have been an overbearing amount of lanternflies killing all of the grape vines in some of our states local wineries.


NJ.com wrote an article last year during this season about this and when they talked to local vineyard owners, some of their grape vines that are meant to last 40-50 years were just dying. We all know there are two things I love in life.

A good moment for a drink and an aesthetic Instagram picture, so if these bugs get in the way of that, you bet I’ll be chasing them around the vineyards with my wine and fly swatter in hand. This is just a PSA to everyone when you go out and support your local vineyards this fall, make sure to help them out and hunt down these lanternflies!

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