One of the most convenient Starbucks locations may have officially shut its doors! We all go to the Quaker Bridge Mall pretty frequently I’d assume and it’s safe to say you find yourself at the food courts there every once in a while.

I know every time I walk past Auntie Anne’s and Starbucks, I immediately have to go in and get something. I used to love grabbing a coffee before I walked around the mall for a few hours.

It’s honestly one of life’s most simple pleasures. Now, that may be a thing of the past! If you’ve been there recently, you may have noticed that the Starbucks location on the second floor of the mall has looked very empty.

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The signs have been taken off the windows and you can’t see inside the store. It’s safe to say that something is happening at this location inside the Quaker Bridge Mall, whether it be maintenance or that it had been closed for good.


If you go on the Quaker Bridge Mall website and try to search around under the dining tab, you may notice that Starbucks is no longer listed on the site.

Also, if you go to mobile and order a drink or food through your Starbucks app, the Quaker Bridge Mall location is unavailable, which is easy to confuse with the location on Quaker Bridge Road in Hamilton, which is still open!


We haven’t heard anything yet regarding this potential closing from Starbucks themselves, but for now, it’s safe to say that the location seems empty for whatever reason! If this is truly a permanent closing, it’s so sad to see it go!

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