How annoying is it when you are shopping at the grocery store and you see someone with their nose sticking out of their mask? We have heard it from many people that it really irks them when they see that. recently created a poll on Twitter asking everyone, "When you see someone in a store without a face mask, what do you do?" Twitter users had four different options.

1 -  steer clear and shop, 2 - Alert the manager, 3 - Leave the store, 4 - Do nothing. Out of the four options, "steer clear and shop" had the highest percentage of votes with 50.5%. The other option with the second-highest percentage of votes was "Do nothing", with 31.7%, followed by "alert the manager" and lastly "Leave the store."

Personally speaking, I would just steer clear and shop. Just make sure that the individual is 6 feet away and hope we will all be ok.

According to, if you ever encounter a stranger that is incorrectly wearing a mask or not wearing one at all you are better off not engaging any sort of conversation with that person. It was also stated that you should "be very cautious about engaging on the matter."

It can be very interesting for people that encounter someone without a mask because some people medically can't wear a face mask. reported that if a business happens to have a customer without a mask the staff members are not allowed to ask the customer for medical paperwork stating that they do not have to wear a mask.

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