Stranger Things may end with its upcoming fifth season — at least that’s what we’ve been told by Netflix and the series’ creators — but the world of the show is only going to get bigger in the years ahead. Netflix has previously announced Stranger Things would get a live-action spinoff (its details have yet to be announced), along with a prequel that will take the form of a stage play. Today they revealed another adjacent project: A Stranger Things animated series.

The details at this point are few and far between, including exactly what characters will be the focus of the show, or whether any of the actors from the live-action Stranger Things will appear on this animated version. We do know that the project is being headed by animator Eric Robles, who previously created Nickelodeon’s Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Here were Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers on the news of the show:

We’ve always dreamed of an animated ‘Stranger Things’ in the vein of the Saturday morning cartoons that we grew up loving, and to see this dream realized has been absolutely thrilling ... We couldn’t be more blown away by what Eric Robles and his team have come up with — the scripts and artwork are incredible, and we can’t wait to share more with you! The adventure continues…



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The fifth season of Stranger Things — which will supposedly conclude the franchise’s primary television series — is currently in development. The series has yet to reveal the season’s premiere date on Netflix, but it is expected some time in 2024. Season 4 of Stranger Things became the most-watched English-language show in the history of Netflix last year, with 1.352 billion hours of the season viewed by the service’s subscribers.

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