If you think you’re sad about the impending end of Stranger Things after the upcoming fifth season, just imagine how Netflix executives feel. It’s one of their very biggest shows, and for years it has anchored their original TV programming, and helped define the streaming services identity. The company is working on a Stranger Things spinoff that could potentially continue the franchise into the future, but pretty soon, Stranger Things will be over.

Series creators the Duffer brothers are already working on Stranger Things Season 5, and supposedly it’s already made Netflix executives weep — and not just at the thought of all the lost profits that are coming once the show goes off the air. During a recent public talk about the show (via The Hollywood Reporter), Matt Duffer revealed that they’re currently working on the final season’s scripts, and have already pitched the entire season’s story to their bosses at the streaming service during a meeting that lasted for two hours. He said...

We did get our executives to cry, which I felt was a good sign that these executives were crying ... The only other times I’ve seen them cry were like budget meetings.

The notion that Season 5 might be a tearjerker is not terribly shocking, given how the recently released Season 4 proceeded, with the deaths of at least one or two beloved characters, and some very bleak cliffhangers for several others. The climax saw the Upside Down begin to seep into the real world of Hawkins, Indiana, which almost assuredly means bad news for the heroes moving forward.

The final season of Stranger Things will debut on Netflix soon.

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