If you're a Stranger Things fan living in the Philadelphia area, you may just see one of your favorite actors in your midst!

Noah Schnapp (aka Will Byers) on the show is now attending The University of Pennsylvania!

He made the news public in December after sharing a video of the moment he got accepted on TikTok - and the special moment surrounded by his family members is thrilling! You can't help but to bask in his glow. Check out the video!

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According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, this is extra exciting because he'll actually be living on campus - in dorm living! New students from far and wide started moving into campus this week, according to UPenn's website. And Noah was one them, according to his recent TikTok!

According to the TikTok, he's using this opportunity to give one of his followers who's also starting college this year coffee and other college essentials for the next 4 years courtesy of Doordash!

Considering what a huge success 'Stranger Things' has been, you probably wouldn't have guessed that private school would be his next step. But instead of staying in the world of Hollywood and signing onto new projects, Noah is attending the Wharton School at Penn to study business! As you can see on his sweatshirt in the video.  Of course though, he will be in the finale season of the show!

It's not every day you start attending an Ivy League school, so this is the beginning of an exciting journey for him. Maybe we can make him an Eagles fan!

Welcome to Philly, Noah!

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