Figuring out what to do with all the free time promised with self-quarantine is a decision everyone has been tasked with. There are plenty of ways to waste the time away with TV or social media, but productive uses of time have been shared just as much.

Workout routines and self improvement exercises are some ways people have taken to isolation. One person in particular decided to use this opportunity to take a class at a prestigious university and learn something new.

According to Just Jared, Super Bowl performer and music artist Shakira, 43, graduated from an ancient philosophy course at the University of Pennsylvania. She shared on Twitter that she had finished the four-week class and was happy to have spent that time learning about interesting material.

With colleges and universities moved to remote learning, the opportunity to take an online class is certainly a tempting one. Whether it’s a subject matter that has always been intriguing or perhaps the first steps towards a career change, the chance to learn something new is a chance that should be taken.

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