Are you still struggling with the handwashing deal during this pandemic or are you the type that is on it with washing your hands after everything you do? According to 3 CBS Philly, many people still have not found a routine to wash their hands after everything that they do to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

3 CBS Philly mentioned that a study was recently released and stated that the majority of people are always on top of it with consistently washing their hands. That percentage is way higher than in previous years. We also learned from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that this year (2020) people are 2.3 times more likely to wash their hands after sneezing or blowing their nose. It was stated on 3 CBS Philly that the probability that someone would wash their hands before or after eating at a restaurant or eating at home is lower.

"Before eating at restaurant chances of washing your hands were 2.0 times higher this year and before eating at home were 1.7 times higher" according to 3 CBS Philly.

It does seem like a big percentage of the population would wash their hands after coughing, sneezing, or blowing their nose before the pandemic. It was mentioned on 3 CBS Philly that since 2019 the percentage has risen by 17.9% this year. 71.2% of the population mentioned that they do wash their hands right away if they are close to their mouth.

Another interesting study shared on 3 CBS Philly was that women actually wash their hands and social distance more than men do.

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