Italian Peoples Bakery has the perfect bread for your Super Bowl party. Seriously... the perfect bread.

It's so colorful and cute. One is red and blue (the colors of the New England Patriots). The other bread is yellow and blue (the colors of the Los Angeles Rams). Yeah, it's perfect for your Super Bowl Party.

They say the bread is available at all of their locations (Butler Street, Mercerville, and Levittown).

But a word to the wise... you'd better get there pretty quickly. A few weeks ago they had Eagles green bread for the playoffs, and it sold out quickly. You can see it here.

We're going to a friend's house for a Super Bowl party, and everybody's supposed to bring some type of food. I've been all over Pinterest trying to find something cool to make (I'm not just a chip and dip girl), but I don't have to look anymore. It's perfect for fun sandwiches.

The bakery's not stopping at the Super Bowl. Their facebook page says they'll also have colored bread for Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, and Easter. I love it.


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