What is going on with our gas!?!? Of course we know current events directly effects our fuel, but there is also a local bill that could pass...will it help us at the pump?  Plus, I have two gas hacks that will save you lots of money right when we need it the most!

There’s a new bill on the table called the Motorist Fueling Choice and Convenience Act, this is how it would affect us as consumers.  If it passes, it would give gas stations the option to offer self-serve pumps.  However, stations that have more than four pumps would still continue to offer full-service gas pumps. This would be nice for a few reasons, one of which is, I won’t have to throw away my “Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas” sticker.

Here's my real question, will not having to pay a gas attendant translate to gas savings for us?  While this change would help the small gas station owner deal with an employee shortage, I don’t know if that will do anything for us when we need it most.   In California gas is up to an astounding $7.00 per gallon. What we need is a way to save money on gas. This morning I saw $4.14 per gallon because it’s up to $130.00 per barrel. Ouch.

Why do we have attendants in New Jersey anyway?  Apparently, it is for safety. Our state says it is to prevent fire hazards. In fact, it is actually illegal to pump your own gas and you could get fined anywhere between $50 and $250 dollars for a first-time offense and up to $500 if you are caught doing it more than once.

As far as I can tell, this bill would help the consumer in the sense that they don’t have to wait for anyone to wait on them, they would have the option to serve themselves with no penalty (time is money right?).  The wait times are often longer now because there are simply less attendants working.

If it passes it will go into effect in three months.

In the meantime how do we find the cheapest gas in our areas?

This gas station was featured on Reddit by u/benderunit9000 with the caption “it was $3.70 just a few days ago”.

Photo credit: Reddit u/benderunit9000
Photo credit: Reddit u/benderunit9000

So, is there a gas hack that can help?  Yes. There are two I want you to know about. First, accelerate and stop slowly, (like you live in retirement-ville USA slow). It burns so much less gas.  Secondly, download this free app:  Trunow it will show you where the cheapest gas prices are nearest to your location. I use it every time I fill up now.  You can also check Gas Buddy's website before you go.

By the way, can you believe the average gas price back when we were kids (1975) was 57 cents a gallon!?!?  Our parents had it easy!  Here are some stores our parents used to shop at that don't even exist anymore.  Do these bring back memories?



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