Restaurants have been forced to close down sit-down dining rooms and move to delivery and pickup operations only amid the coronavirus spread. Some have made the decision to close their doors, while others have invented new ways to keep themselves and their customers safe. Contactless service is an essential part of the new food industry’s catering method. Limiting contact between workers and patrons keeps business running and people fed. One sushi restaurant in Philadelphia has brought on a new staff member that has helped reduce human contact during pickups.

Now patrons are greeted by a robot at Bleu Sushi in Washington Square West. The restaurant’s owner, Hendra Yong, installed a robot to help keep to safety recommendations.

The robot, playfully named Bleu Bot, will grab the bag of food for pickup off the counter and turns to give the bag to the customer. According to Eater Philadelphia, this allows for the recommended six-foot barrier to be kept while serving customers in an efficient and fun way.

Bleu Bot does a little bow to customers, as a thank you for their order. Owner Yong mentioned that some patrons have bowed back to the robot after receiving their order.

Yong’s eight-year-old business now has it’s LED-lit mechanical employee keeping customers happy. He intends to add more bells and whistles to the pickup experience by hopefully giving Bleu Bot a voice to warmly greet customers in the near future.




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