Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film hits theaters this weekend, and the movie had its world premiere in Los Angeles last night. Any fans who didn't get a chance to see Swift on this tour (which is completely understandable given the insane ticket prices) can check out the concert doc this weekend, at any AMC theater across the U.S., and in over 100 different countries.

So far, the early reviews for the movie out of the premiere are uniformly positive. As of this moment, The Eras Tour holds a 100 percent on the review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s a sampling of the reviews so far:

Kevin EG Perry, NME:

Coming right now to a cinema near you: three hours of slick, lovingly shot footage of a modern pop star operating at the very peak of her power.

Tim Grierson, Screen International:

Filled with both spectacle and strikingly intimate moments, The Eras Tour is almost too much of a good thing — so many hits, so many memorable set pieces, so many peaks.

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Glendale, AZ
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Katie Campione, Deadline:

A complete celebration of her impressive 17-year career that puts Swift’s joy on full display and highlights that, perhaps for the first time, she is taking the stage for no one but herself.

Melissa Ruggieri, USA Today:

Fans enthralled by the Eras concert will undoubtedly thrill at the opportunity to relive the magic and enjoy "The Eras Tour" as a communal concert experience more than a staid movie.

Keiran Southern, The Times (UK):

The film more than justifies the hype and rather than a rushed cash-in, Swift has gifted her fans a spectacular, lovingly crafted movie that somehow captures everything great about the live show.

Lina Das, Daily Telegraph:

Unless you’re a devoted fan, concert films can be a rather dreary experience but the sheer spectacle and energy of the her film is enough to convert even the most rabid anti-Swiftite.

Philip Cosores, UPROXX:

Though it isn’t possible for a movie to take the place of a live concert, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour comes as close as possible, less because of how the movie is captured and more in how fans are going to interact with it.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour opens in theaters this weekend — with early screenings starting tonight at many locations. Good luck getting tickets.

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