Final Destination movies have scared me so much when it comes to roller coasters in general. Now, knowing that a test dummy flew out of a ride here at the the Jersey Shore, I am definitely even more nervous to get on rides this summer.

According to NBC10, the GaleForce Rollercoaster ride at Playland’s Castaway Cove was going through it's normal routine safety check when the test dummy flew out. The dummy ended up destroying the roof of Ebb Tide Suites, the hotel located right next door. Bryan Hartley, theme park vice president, told NBC10 that the ride is safe. In fact the reason why the dummy flew out of the roller coaster was actually because the test dummy was damaged. These dummies are full of water to give them weight and the one used in this safety check actually had a leak in it.

Hartley also mentioned to NBC10, "Obviously it’s not something that would ever happen with a person in it.” He went on to share that the reason he says this is because a human body will not change in weight the way the damaged test dummy did. It was also mentioned that the lap bar, as well as the entirety of the ride passed all of its safety tests.

The Gale Force Ride undergoes a 2 hour safety test every day and it has been open since. Thankfully no one was injured during this incident.

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