COVID-19 has had us in a panic for some time now. Some of us have even tested positive. As soon as we get that call or email letting us know that we have tested positive our hearts drop and we, unfortunately, become stressed.

I recently tested positive for the coronavirus. It was scary, especially because my whole family tested positive as well. During these times we made sure we kept each other with high spirits and faith that all this would be over soon. Thankfully, my family and I didn't have it tough at all.

I had a low fever for about a day as well as some body aches. After that, it was all pretty much gone. It felt like a regular cold. I continued to quarantine and made sure I stayed away from everyone until I tested negative.

Some of my family members that tested positive included my 89-year old grandmother and my sister in law who was pregnant when she tested positive. Thankfully they are both clear of the coronavirus now.

My 89-year-old grandmother had a little cough but nothing crazy. It did not affect her that much. As for my sister in law, we all found out she had tested positive right after her water broke because they had to test her for COVID-19 upon arriving at the hospital. After giving birth, the doctors had to test the baby for COVID-19 as well. The baby tested negative.

Here is the interesting part. The doctors told my sister in law that she was allowed to breastfeed the baby and continue with her regular mommy duties. However, she must wear a mask when near the baby. This is what confused us a ton. How is it that she tested positive for COVID-19 but is still allowed to breastfeed?

Some of my family members did lose taste and smell but none of us had to go to the doctor for any of our symptoms.

In my opinion, the media has taken it a little overboard and have scared a ton of people. Unfortunately, this pandemic has affected many families but at the same time, many families have been blessed to get through it. If you happen to test positive don't start stressing yourself out by thinking the worst. Just continue to stay positive and keep yourself as healthy as possible both mentally and physically.

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