New Jersey is actually home some pretty tiny towns with populations under 500 people.

So, we're focusing on the populations here, not technically the square-miles when I reference tiny, although these towns do measure out to be quite tiny, land wise. Some towns actually measure out to be less then a square mile.

Hard to believe, I know. Well you'll be even more shocked when I tell how the tiniest populated town in NJ is home to 5 people.

Because the populations are small, some of them don't have an actual police department but are patrolled by the neighboring towns' task force or just the state police. Oddly one town, with a population of 11, somehow does have it's own police force.

However, none of these towns have education systems and if needed, students would have to attend school districts close by.

So without further adieu and a little help from here is the list ...



The 10 Towns In NJ With The Smallest Populations






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