It’s one of the most iconic eateries in South Jersey, so it makes sense that many were panicked when they learned that The Pub — located in Pennsauken, NJ — would be closing this summer.

This included Philly’s own HughE Dillon who was the first outlet to cover the big news on his popular blog, 

The news came as a shock to frequent diners. However, there is some good news...

Iconic Pennsauken Eatery, The Pub, Closing For Renovations

The Pub has been serving customers for over 70 years. So it did come as a surprise when they announced they'd be shutting their doors on Monday, July 1.

The good news? They plan to reopen on Friday, September 20.

What exactly are the renovations that will be taking place at The Pub?

PhillyChitChat always gets the scoop. The Pub's co-owner Stevie Logothetis told him that they would mainly focus on the roof, which hadn't been replaced since they first opened all those years ago. 

During the time of the closure, they'll also "spruce up the place" by repairing the lights, replacing the carpet, and even upgrading some kitchen appliances, PhillyChitChat wrote.

Having said that, many diners have been commenting on social media that they're worried the eatery will lose its charm since many have been visiting for multiple generations

In fact, if you've ever visited you know the decor can be unique. Those worried diners can breathe a sigh of relief because it sounds like that will also be staying. The charm is expected to remain.

By the way, you can check out more about that on PhillyChitChat's website. Thanks for the awesome pics and memories HughE!

By the way, since sharing the news of their summer closure with the public on Sunday, they've had an uptick in business. On Wednesday evening they posted on social media thanking customers for their loyalty and patience on a busy night.

We'll see you soon, Pub!

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