Last year, my brother introduced me to one of my new favorites shows, "The Good Place," and now I feel like I need to pay it forward and tell you why you should start watching it ASAP.

1. The Cast Is Incredible

You will fall in love with each person on this show. I mean look at them (below). They're adorable!

We will go from clockwise starting with Ted Danson.

- Ted Danson - he's a legend, and he plays Michael. The first person you meet when you end up in the Good Place.

Manny Jacinto - Jason Mendoza. Jason isn't the sharpest but he's awesome and he loves the Jacksonville Jaguars. The show will constantly remind you that he's from Florida.

Jameela Jamil - Tahani Al-Jamil. Tahani is the "perfect" girl someone would envy. She speaks with a classy British accent, she comes from a wealthy family, and she has model beauty and height. Her full name even means "Congratulations Beautiful." She also can't help but name drop all her famous friends over and over again.

William Jackson Harper - Chidi Anagonye. Chidi is an ethics professor who's is brilliant, but stresses and worries too much. On top of that Chidi is very indecisive. He's also Eleanor's soulmate in "The Good Place." Awww!

- Kristen Bell - Eleanor Shellstrop. Eleanor made it to "The Good Place," but maybe she isn't all that good of a person. Does she even belong there? Maybe you need to watch to find out!

-  D'Arcy Carden - Janet. Janet is like a "living" Siri or Alexa, but she's "not a girl" or a robot. She has infinite knowledge and can provide the residents of "The Good Place" with anything they need. Personal note: I also just found out that D'Arcy went to the same improv comedy school that I study at (Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC) and she's part Greek (I'm Greek too). We clearly should be friends. She's one of my new comedy favorites!

The show also has great guest stars like Maya Rudolph and Adam Scott.


You will also love her once you meet her too. That's all I need to say.

2. The Show's Created By Michael Schur

Michael Schur has worked on amazing shows like "Saturday Night Live", "The Office" and he co-created "Parks and Recreation." He knows comedy, and I need to thank him for creating this show.

3. The Show Is Very Quotable 

There's no cursing in "The Good Place" so they can only say words like: "bull-shirt," "fork" and "bench." I'm sure you can figure out what words the characters are trying to say. My personal favorite quote is "Ya Basic."

4. Twists And Turns

This show throws more curveballs than... well I can't name any baseball players because I don't watch sports. Once you think you know what's about to happen...guess again!

5. It's Creative

This show will make you laugh, it's smart, funny and creative. It's also easy to watch because each episode is about 30 minutes.

The only bad thing is I wish the episodes were longer.

The third season starts tonight, September 27th on NBC, and it's never too late to catch up on the previous seasons now. So what the "fork" are you waiting for? Go watch this show now. It's the "shirt."



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