It feels like we're all binge-watching something these days. Self Quarantining has definitely influenced my increase in entertainment intake. The LA Times reported that Netflix had "Gained 15.8 million global subscribers, surging ahead of Wall Street’s expectations of 7.6 million. It now has a total of 183 million customers." and that was in April! I've made a list of my favorite funny shows that I've binged throughout quarantine. Here are some hilarious shows that you can binge-watch and finish in a weekend!

Be warned these shows are definitely 18+ 

Futureman - Hulu - 3 Seasons

From Executive Producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg comes a time travel farce that pokes all kinds of holes in every time travel troupe. It combines action and comedy in hilarious ways. Josh Hutcherson's comedic chops shine throughout the show. Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson play their characters sincerely, even though said characters are completely ridiculous. Seasons 2 and 3 exponentially increase the ridiculousness. It's a perfect show to get Seth Rogen'd up and binge-watch over a weekend.

Doom Patrol - HBO MAX - 2 Seasons

Time to meet the most messed-up version of the X-Men, Doom Patrol. Doom Patrol is a DC Comic that came out at the same time as Marvel's X-Men in the 60's. They've had a few different versions over the years in the comics, but this is a hilarious modern take! Who thought in 2020 I would be full-belly laughing to Brendan Fraser in a full-body robot suit! You may not have seen season 1 because came out exclusively on DC Universe streaming service, but all of Doom Patrol is now on HBO MAX. Doom Patrol Season 2 just ended so now is the perfect time to binge-watch the whole thing!

Middleditch & Schwartz - Netflix - 1 Season

It's was really refreshing to see people enjoying themselves in a theater during the first month of quarantine. Middleditch & Schwartz show off their incredible improv skills in this completely improvised hour-long show. The series came out in April and was met with critical acclaim, receiving a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the critic consensus calling it a "brilliant series of specials sure to spark all kinds of joy" and "a masterclass in improv comedy."

Two Minutes to Late Night - YouTube - 1 Season

Two Minutes to Late Night is one of my favorite quarantine discoveries. I binged watched their Heavy Metal Themed Comedy Late-Night Youtube Show back in April. Every episode the incredible house band, Mutoid Man, performs a cover song with a musical guest. They have hilarious metal-themed characters and there are a lot of inside jokes from people in the Metal scene. Although quite hilarious, it no joke how much this show does fully rock. To compensate for not being able to record the show and tour they started a Patreon. They are currently posting Heavy Metal covers featuring some famous musicians to support their Patreon. There is only one season plus a few pilots and live shows. I highly suggest checking it out!

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