Neither the Blue Angels nor the Thunderbirds will be flying over Philadelphia or any part of our area today (April 22), despite a flurry of internet rumors to the contrary.

However, city officials say such a flyover could happen in the future.

Rumors had been swirling online for the past couple of days that the US Navy's Blue Angels and the US Air Force's Thunderbird flight demonstration teams would be flying over Philadelphia to show support for front-line workers who are battling COVID-19.

The rumors alleged that the flights would originate from the joint McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Air Force Base. The false memo alleged that the aircraft would fly to Trenton and then along the Delaware River, over the Ben Franklin Bridge and pass by some of Philly's most iconic landmarks including Independence Hall, Art Museum, and Thomas Jefferson Hospital.

Today's event, however, was never planned, and officials say it was just an internet rumor that "got out of control."

Chief Petty Officer Chad Pritt, public affairs chief for the Blue Angels, confirmed the news in a statement to on Wednesday. 

However, the Thunderbirds have flown over other hospitals in recent weeks, the reports. Including this flyover in Las Vegas:

But "as of now, no flyovers have been authorized in the Philadelphia area," officials tell

A spokesperson for Mayor Jim Kenney's office, however, revealed on that the city is aware that the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds "are considering a regional flyover," but specifics from the Navy have not been locked down.

All parties involved say that IF a flyover is planned at any point that proper notification and guidance for safe viewing (with social distancing in mind) will be given in advance.

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