The Hallmark Channel recognizes what's happening right now in the world with the rapid spread of COVID-19 and many people staying in their homes to avoid contact with others.

So according to ET Online, they wanted to gift us the wonderful gift of a Christmas movie marathon this upcoming weekend (March 20-22).

The marathon kicks off tomorrow night (March 20th) with 'A Christmas Detour' starring Candace Cameron Bure's and concludes Sunday night (March 22nd) with 'Christmas in Rome' starring Lacey Chabert.

There will be a ton of movies with your favorite stars in them, just click here for more info on when your favorites will be airing.

I have to blame my obsession with the Hallmark Channel on my Mom. We use to all make fun of her for her obsession, but now, I'm kind of hooked too. The other night she came over to see my son and she had it on and when she left, I kept it on.

My husband, Matt, was laughing because I didn't even realize it was on in the background. Yes, the movies can be corny and some of them all have the same plot. This happens so often that there have even been drinking games made up around these movies and trust me, you'll get really drunk.

So snuggle up, grab a blanket and even put on your Christmas pajamas! Why not!

Stay home and stay safe!

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