Yardville was just named the most affordable neighborhood to live in New Jersey according to SmartAsset.com.

Smart Asset came up with a system in determining which town was the most affordable to buy a home in. They looked at the closing costs, real estate taxes, homeowners insurance and mortgage rates along with the median household income in each county and city to determine affordability over five years.

1. Yardville

2. Browns Mills

3. Crestwood Village

4. Twin Rivers

5. Ramtown

My hometown of Hamilton Square made the top ten as it comes in at number 7. So it's pretty impressive that Mercer County was represented on this list three times.

If you're looking to purchase a house soon I recommend reading the full article because it gives great tips. They offer suggestions like why you should consider buying a home below your budget, advice on what you can buy with your income, and how much down payment you need. To read more on this go here.

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