It looks like model car racing fun has made its way to Hamilton (Mercer County).

Side Bites Inc. model car racing now open in Hamilton

There is a new place in town called Side Bites Inc. for families to have fun racing and building their own model cars.

It's located at 2595 Yardville Hamilton Square Road and promises to be a good time.

A Hamilton resident is the owner of Side Bites Inc.

It was the idea of Hamilton resident, Latif Michail, who has always loved racing cars. He has children that he wanted to share his passion with and had a hunch the community would enjoy it too, so he made it happen.

Michail bought the building (which was one of the original firehouses in the township) and transformed it, according to the article.

Now, there's a five-lane racing course. There's also room to build your own model race cars (they're easy to put together), plus an area to grab snacks. That's just the first floor.

Side Bites Inc. via Instagram
Side Bites Inc. via Instagram

The second floor of Side Bites Inc. is a private party/event area that you can rent with a private entrance, kitchen area (you can bring in catering too, bathrooms, and ample parking.

Side Bite Inc. via Instagram
Side Bite Inc. via Instagram

Michail says, "Side Bite is dedicated to fun for the whole family by providing a unique, safe environment for racers of all ages to come and play. We are committed to showing the youth in Hamilton (and beyond) the joy there is in building something with their own hands and watching it in action."

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Go visit. It's sure to be a good time.

Side Bites Inc. is located at 2595 Yardville Hamilton Square Road, Hamilton, NJ (Mercer County).

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It's open daily from 12-8pm.

Check it out on Instagram by clicking here.

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