Over the weekend I saw Mila Kunis's new movie, "The Spy Who Dumped Me," and I loved it! Here are a few reasons why I enjoyed it so much: the movie was funny, it had action, and some scenes took place in New Jersey!

The title of the movie basically sums up the plot: Mila's character gets dumped by a spy and ends up going on a hilarious mission with her best friend, Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live). The film takes places in a bunch of cool locations like Los Angeles, Berlin, Vienna and Freehold, New Jersey! Being from Jersey, I laughed out loud and cheered once I saw that location pop up on the big screen. I thought it was so cool to see a nearby town being featured in a big Hollywood movie!

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

After I left the theater, I wondered why that town was featured out of all the towns NJ has to offer. I was inspired by the movie and did some spy research (a quick Google search) to get more info. I found one of the movie's co-writers, David Iserson, is actually from Freehold, NJ! It was so cool to see that. I love reading about people from New Jersey making it big in Hollywood!

Check out the trailer below

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