That escalated quickly.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were leaving a restaurant in New York City when members of the paparazzi surrounded them.

The couple was attempting to get into a vehicle awaiting them after their night out when a member of the paparazzi nearly knocked Hanks' wife over.

unCrazed YouTube
unCrazed YouTube

When the famous actor saw what happened he stopped and WENT OFF on those chasing them for a photo.

Luckily his wife was not injured here and security ushered them into the SUV.

You can hear someone in the video say that they were pushed into Wilson, thus I do not think the mishap was intentional, still I understand Hanks' frustration.

Tom Hanks has been in the entertainment news as of late as some are speculating that he could be addressing medical issues. Or is he just preparing for an upcoming movie?

We will warn you, that some may find the language in the video below to be OFFENSIVE.


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