I think what has been getting us all through these last three months of quarantine is the hopes that there is an end in sight. That soon we will return to our normal lives and hope there is a vaccine on the way that will make us feel safe about going back out in public again. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is still around, still infecting people and no vaccine. We also may have to get used to wearing masks for a while and we may have to adjust to a new normal and accept that some large gatherings may not happen at all this year. I'm not just talking about weddings, but places we used to visit often during the holidays.  Many places and annual events have already been canceled or closed due to the fear of coronavirus and a lot of people were wondering about the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting.

The Patch reports that we don't need to worry, there will still be a Christmas Tree on display this year and you will be able to see it. However, there will be some restrictions on how many people gather in Rockefeller Center. It makes sense since thousands of people gather around the tree just to get a look at it even after it gets lit. I imagine there will be some kind of security monitoring the crowd. I wonder if there will even be groups of people with a time limit? Either way, it's still good to know that the tree will be lit because I know a lot of people will be looking forward to it after all of this.

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