With businesses opening, outdoor dining, and summer beginning, many states are about to see an increase in Coronavirus cases. According to MLive, a team of health experts was interviewed about what are the most dangerous places where a person could get the Coronavirus.

The health experts rated a list of venues and ranked them in five categories. The overall venue (indoor or outdoor), the space you are to others, how long you are there for, how likely you are to follow precautions and your personal risk.

The highest-ranked was bars/music venues. Dr. Nasir Husain, Henry Ford Macomb medical director for infection prevention said, "After a couple of drinks, they're starting to feel a little more invincible, and that's when the trouble starts."

Gyms, amusement parks, churches, buffets, and stadiums all are ranked one step lower than bars. These venues all have a few things in common. All people here are talking, singing, and breathing on each other.

Public pools, contact sports, and schools are all equally as dangerous. Masks are not waterproof, so children are unable to wear them in the pool. Contact sports involve running into each other and being exposed to the virus very easily. The amount of students poses a threat to the faculty, students, and families of children in school.

Some of the less dangerous places include take out restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and campsites.

Just because things are opening up in our area does not mean that the virus has disappeared. Take precautions and continue to practice social distancing!

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